Monday, December 1, 2008

We're in Poland!

Poland is like nothing I have experience. I continuously am feeling as though I am in a movie. Attempting to speak Polish is a little more difficult than I would have expected but I am having a great time trying to learn it and laughing at myself. Walking around Poznan has been awesome and a few of us had a great time wandering around aimlessly trying to get to the conference center after we were dropped off in the middle of Old City when the cab driver would not take us where we wanted to go. Its surprising how much American culture is around Old City, which is especially noticeable when we try to find places to eat and are bombarded by restaurants that have American names and such.

This morning was rough trying to wake up and get ready for the first day of the Conference, I think the time difference is finally hitting me. I kept just telling myself that I was in Poland and was going to the UN Climate Change Conference to finally get enough energy to get out of bed! The opening ceremony was amazing to watch. Everyone who spoke put a lot of emphasis on how we need to work together to make a change. All of the speakers sounded hopeful for this conference to meet all of the expectations that were made at Bali to prepare for Copenhagen's meeting. A film was shown about the nature in Poland and how it's affected by climate change which made me want to explore the country more! It's so great to see so many people who care about climate change and its affects on people world wide. There is a lot of tabling going on that is making me think about all of the opportunities I will have when I graduate to work on fighting the effects of climate change.

We went to a side event about Africa and different methods of Adaptation, but the presenters, unfortunately, did not show up. We are about to go to a few more side events so I will blog on those soon.


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