Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Czy zjemy razem kolacje?

Shall we have dinner together? The coat girl could not comprehend my polish, and then turned down my dinner invitations, apparently "she's working".
I had the most fun today at the technology building. Various well known and unknown companies had their latest in technical solutions to climate change. There were windmill designs, hybrid vehicles, energy saving appliances, and even an dance powered mini dance club(when you jumped on the floor with a few people the music and lights came on). As Warren was telling us earlier today after talking to Harlan Watson the American delegate, that the US is putting a lot of faith in technology to help us curb our carbon emissions. He claimed that it will be much more difficult to attempt to change our lifestyle rather than have technology adapt to our lifestyle. But overall there didn't seem to be any oustanding new technologies I hadn't already heard of. The new technologies as I have been following them have just been subtle, and often slow improvements over pre existing technological ideas. Nobody can yet say which technology we throw all of our money into in order to help curb our emissions. Right now the answer seems to be to continue to do the little adjustments. Better light bulbs, more efficient cars, cleaner diesel engines, more efficient windmills etc.
We sat in on a talk about biodiversity today and I'm not sure how much I got out of it. They of course talked a lot about specific changes in specific species over the next 50 or 100 years. Mostly displaying their new predicitive software programs of what could go wrong in the future. But again it is yet another way that climate change will be harming our way our planet and resources. Most importantly I found out how much more the loss of certain species will effect smaller island countries. Apparently the effect will be MUCH more devastating as the economies of these countries relies heavily on a properly functioning ecosystem. Yet it is the smallest countries who have the smallest influence when it comes to policy making unfortunately

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