Monday, December 1, 2008

It has begun!

Today was the beginning of the conference and the variety of available information is incredible! So many people to talk to and ask questions about anything and everything from technology, to solutions, to future predictions about climate change. A few of us participated in the World Wildlife Federation's green finger of glory for climate change. A cool media stunt where we colored our index fingers and wrote something we wanted to protect from global warming on the palms of our hands for a picture. They will all be posted so check us out! I'm impressed with how many youth groups there are here and other students like us just becoming introduced to this conference atmosphere to help ease us in. We've talked to french, german, australian students like us all looking to learn more about how our generations can participate in the future. I think type of networking is as important as watching the current delegates talk about their solutions, because it won't be long before our peers are up there making policies. The youth groups are not to be overlooked and spreading the knowlegde is KEY to making everyone aware of the urgency. I expect to learn a lot more about specific techologies and deciding which I am more in support for. There are so many pros and cons to each one. There is a lot of pamphlets and promotional material I've collected and need to read through! That's all for now check back in soon


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