Tuesday, December 9, 2008

everyones contributions to decline the rate of global warming makes a difference..

Back in Ithaca and beginning to readjust..i cant believe how overwhelming everything is right now..

The intergenerational talk was very inspiring and one of the delegates called for everyone to find ways to reduce their impacts on global warming. Everyone needs to be making their contributions and so here are some of mine..

-during the summer i drive all around the country..alot. i only purchased carbon offsets for 1 trip of many this past summer and i plan from now on to do so for all trips i take. (along with continuing all carpooling attempts etc).
-i also plan to make the choice to live downtown next year and bring my bike up. This will be with the intention of only driving to campus when needed. I do the majority of my driving into town and the downtown area and its a big problem driving back and forth up the hill to campus. I will only drive to campus, and when doing so attempt to carpool etc depending on circumstances.

I miss the conference and all that..i feel like i learned more in the last week then i had in any week all year. and now im off to attempt to catch up with everything so that i can begin to tackle finals which are looming ever closer.
until Copenhagen,

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