Friday, December 5, 2008

Last full day in Poland

So today is our last day in Poznan, which is kind of depressing. This whole week has really flown by. There is always something to do, whether its attending a side event, checking out all the different exhibits with various technologies and sustainable art or trying to find the receptions after the events with the free food.

The past couple days I have had the opportunity to get to see some pretty cool and interesting side events. Some of the more notable ones have been about the business side to climate change. Ive gotten to learn a lot about carbon markets and pricing. How cap and trade systems are apart of this as well as how to finance the systems and policies necessary with much needed investment. Being a business student, I have gained a lot of knowledge coming to the conference that I never knew even existed. I have also learned strategies on how to implement what is necessary to start moving businesses towards more sustainable lifestyles and the areas where there are huge opportunities for them with significant benefits towards the environment and economically as well. I hope that I can use this knowledge to benefit me as well, using what I have learned and apply it to what I want to accomplish.

I have also gotten to explore Poznan a bit more. The other day a few of us got some time to go a cathedral, actually just called The Cathedral, which was beautiful. It was on a little island a little outside the busy area of Poznan and its where the city of Poznan actually started from. Other than that though I didnt get to do much sightseeing.

Tomorrow, we fly from Poznan to Warsaw and then from Warsaw back to New York where hopefully I can spread the knowledge I have taken away from this experience and pass it on to others. I am grateful that I have had this opportunity and I hope to be able to come back again next year to add to what I have taken away from this week.

See you all soon,

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