Friday, December 5, 2008

So it's our last day here and this was simultaneously the longest and shortest week I've had in a while. I think it's time for the end though, my brain has officially reached saturation point.

Today was a nice and liesurely day (a stark contrast with just about every other day here). I actually woke up before my alarm clock this morning which scares me because I think I'm finally running on Poland time.. just in time to go home. I finally got around to seeing the technology exhibit everyone's been raving about for the past few days, and it was incredible! I was near tears when I saw the Hard Rain Project, which you need to see and get the background story of to understand:, and I've had Dylan stuck in my head all day because of it. Not all of the tech exhibit was depressing, though, most of it was inspiring and really cool. There was a "field" of smiley-faced paper flowers with solar powered motors attached to them, which oscillated back and forth to look like they were dancing. The most interesting was a tiny little station on red algae as an alternative for paper, the information for which they actually printed on paper made from red algae. It feels just like newsprint and is totally functional and would save mass amounts of deforestation. Sooo cool!

Being the only art major in the group I naturally spent a lot of time today as I did yesterday in the Art exhibit (which was 100% unrelated to the conference but reminded me that I have interests outside of environmentalism). I wish it wasn't so impractical to buy paintings and fly them home.

I'll probably miss some quirky things about Poland, but definitely not the smog. My lungs are not doing well and I need some Ithaca air!

Carpe Diem

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