Friday, December 5, 2008

Do Widzenia Poznan!

I cannot believe the week has come to an end already. We have definitely not had enough time here, but i don't think even the full two weeks would be enough. There is always so much going on at once, its impossible to see it all. I feel like I've had a good mix of the negotiations, side events, other talks, viewing booths, talking and networking, taking it all in, sightseeing, shopping and so much more. The experience was much different then i expected but so much better in so many ways. The amount of information I've taken in and now am able to bring back with me makes my mind feel full (i have no idea how all that finals info is going to seep in).

Earlier today i went to a really good talk on "growing together in a changing climate-an inter generational inquiry on climate solutions". The best part of it was a youth delegate from Australia who was apparently trained by Al Gore. She talked about how the only solution to the economic crisis was through solving the economic crisis. She was really inspiring in regards to youth action. The one problem i have had with the conference is that it seems that it has been more talk then action. Her speech made me feel that even if that is the case now, once our generation comes into power we will have more hope. She made a good point that in order for us to take off with these changes our current delegates need to put the plans in place.

Overall this experience has been incredibly inspirational. I definitely want to come back next year if i have the opportunity again. I got a chance to meet someone who may very well help me with my career later and i feel like there is alot going on. There is so much here to take advantage of and if i do get another opportunity i would definitely want to stay for the full two weeks. I hope that what we all have learned can help make a difference when we get home.


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