Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The UN sure knows how to throw a party

So the past few days have been a whirlwind. I have been trying my best to attend a number of side events. Unfortunately it seems that there are always two or three in the same time slot that are of interest to me. It gets hard to pick and choose. Yesterday I attending three side events. One, held by the UNFCCC, was about the LEG (Least Developed Country Expert Group)and NAPAs (National Adaptation Plan of Action). Nancy, Patrick and I researched these aspects of Kyoto for our project so I found it very interesting to be able to be involved in the real thing. I also attended a session about Biodiversity and Climate change. The presentation was interesting at the beginning but the question and answer session got a bit long and the presenter had trouble staying on topic when addressing questions.

The last session I attended last night was about Nuclear Power. As you can imagine there was some intense debate going on. The nuclear scientists did not do a very good job of diverting questions. They answered very few questions using the fact that they are scientists and not politicians or economists as a cop out. I find the nuclear debate very interesting and hope that I'll get to attend more of these sessions. Today I attending an event held by Greenpeace about a plan called Energy [R]evolution. The presenters did a great job and I got a lot out of the session. I agreed with most of their ideas for a sustainable global energy outlook.

Tonight I am planning on attending two more sessions before heading home to get a good night's sleep! Jet lag has been quite an issue for me. Tomorrow I am looking forward to checking out all of the technology exhibits. I've been hearing good things.

Until we meet again


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