Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jet Lag, GREENPEACE, Biofuel, and Coffee

So what is the deal with jet lag?! Does it just go away every other day or something? I sleep 12 hours (hence missing the amazing reception and drinks with delegates on monday night) and then I sleep 6 hours... up for another 12 tonight? I sure feel like it! It's inconsistent, bizarre, unpredictable, and really interfeering with my plans. I may actually be sleeping right now... I can't really tell!

But I've learned where the free coffee is given out- a big deal considering every cup is 7 zloty!' So my day starts like this: wake up and make coffee, hike 15 minutes to the bus, ride maybe 10 minutes to the train, ride 10 minutes to the conference. Then I immediately get a Daily Programme, more coffe, and grab my highlighter.

Before I know it every page is blue! So then I get out my pink highlighter and re-do... a little more stringent this time. It's interesting how many events I like! And more interesting that they are always at the same times! But often close by... so I sit on the ends and run back and forth. Today, however, was the first time I made an easy decision in picking one event over the other...

GREENPEACE. What a great group of people. I like that they use words like, "and that's why we're DEMANDING our policy makers..." It's impressive. I am going to have to really dive into the report they handed out to learn more... it's the science in me! During the presentation, they give many convincing graphs on every slide, with quick, well-rehearsed words to prove their points. But I want to know why, HOW did they figure this out.

During their presentation they mentioned that many "ideas" to address climate change are great ones that need to happen now, while others are more like "wild cards," meaning they can't be positive of whether they will be pursued, or even helpful. Anyway, one thing mentioned more than once was the production and use of biofuels... but they never really said which category...

So, just like every other event I've gone to, I raised my hand at the end and waited for the mic... I was first this time! I first thanked them and then dove into my question on biofuels (of which I'm not really a fan...). I was very proud of myself to hear such a long, well addressed response! And by both people! All in all, it seems to belong in both categories, depending on the country. I can deal with that, I guess. As I was leaving the roon, the Research Director of the USA chapter of GREENPEACE met me at the door!

WOAH! He told me that USA GREENPEACE will be doing similar presentations in the next quarter, most likely in February, and (more or less) asked me to be a part of it! How exactly...? I'm not sure... But he gave me his card and told me to certainly e-mail him! We chatted for some time and he most certainly shares my opinion of biofuel in the US, especially because of policy reasons.

It was very exciting and I accepted emphatically! This conference sure is giving me lots of ideas! And I am a fresh graduate in about three weeks...!


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