Friday, December 5, 2008

So Much To Do, So Little Time

I suppose the headline of this post is pertinent to this experience on many levels. Firstly and most obviously, it refers to the "ticking timebomb" that is climate change and global warming (woah, I'm deep right?). Many of us went to a nuclear power side event the other day and one of the panelists responded to a question talking about some deadline in 2030 (I believe it was in regards to nuclear waste, but that is a totally different topic), and some person (hippie) yelled out, "But 2030 it yesterday to the planet!!!". And I have to say, that kind of freaked me out. I was freaked out not only because he could be right, but because there are so many people that think he's wrong (U.S.A...all the way!). One of the major themes of this conference has been that urgency is a necessary mindset to be in, and unfortunately many of those that disagree are some of the leading powers of the world and they are the ones that have the ability to determine whether or not the bomb goes off.

Secondly, I feel like there is sooooo (yeah, like, THAT much) here that I want to go to and see, experience and listen in on. I feel like I haven't seen enough of Poznan, not nearly enough plenary sessions and I want to go to the Wind Power Pavilion but the REDD side event is at the same is a girl to choose? I guess I should just stay in the mindset that I could always come back next year.

In other happenings, we met some interesting kids from Oxfam Great Britain last night at the SustainUs side event (which I think was really fun and empowering) and imagine my surprise when we walked up to the computer area and Oxfam had gotten the cutest children in Poland to sing "Silent Night" in Polish for 45 minutes with a sign behind them saying "We Hope You Show Some Wisdom Today, For All Of Our Tomorrows" (publicity gold.).

Also, I had to be reminded about when I accidentally fell into the lap of the Australian delegate the night we met Harlan Watson (woops.) and just decided to stay there and chat with him for a while. I'm thinking all good foriegn policies between Australia and the US from here on out can only be attributed to me. I will take thank you's later.

This could be my last post, maybe not.

Thinking of all of you,

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