Thursday, December 4, 2008

technology exhibit

There is a building here that is full of new technology that people have been creating. Its hard to explain everything i just saw..we spent close to two hours walking around it and didnt see everything. there was a sustainable dance floor that they want to install in discotheques, where dancing is required to make the music play. we saw a creation that turns haybales into briquets that can be burned as a cleaner source of energy. they were making them right there and already had was really interesting to watch. there were alot of hydrogen, methane and electric cars. we also saw a sustainable skytram that emits no co2 and would work almost anywhere. in the area of wind technology they had alot but the most interesting was a urban turbine that was small and could be put on almost any city building. we also saw solar panels that were installed in sidewalks. there was a whole walk through building explaining the need to develop ones home sustainably. the focus was on well insulating a home, which if one does well enough barely needs any heating or cooling. they had interactive boards that explained that if you insulate your 50 square meter apartment well then you save 2025 kwh of energy and reduced your co2 emissons by 2800. for a 250 square meter house you save 10125 kwh of energy and reduce your co2 emissons by 14000. around the home there were lots of boards explaining small other things one can do to improve the sustainability of their home. things such as using an induction cooking top as it uses 10% less electricty then a ceramic one and 29% less electricity then a traditional cast iron cooking top. it also explained that if you put a lid on your pan when you cook you use 30% less energy. these are small differences that if applied to all homes add up to such a significant percentage.

the following is a list of things that all can be completed using 1 kwh of electicty and was on a board in the house exhibit..
-cook dinner for a family of 4 on an electric range
-make 9 liters of coffee or tea
-vaccum for an hour
-watch tv for 7 hours
-dry your hair for an hour
-illumiate a room for 10 hours
-listen for music for 40 hours
-chop 200kg of veggies in a foood processor
-clean up after a main meal for 4-6 people using a dishwaser
-dry about 2kg of underwear in a tumble dryer
-iron for an hour
-shave with an electric razor for 3 years
-use a computer for 4-6 hours

so this board was trying to make one think about how to best use the 1 kwh required to do all of these things..i found it really interesting the things that used the same amount of energy. ive been realizing that even two weeks wouldnt be enough time to see everything there is to see here. its amazing the amount of things there is to see and do at any given moment. until next time,

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