Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The sun finally came today! After waking up from a deep recovery sleep of 20 hours I was rested and ready again to take on the conference. Walking outside to the sunshine was a shock and was received happily by everyone.

This day started out with a visit to the Plenary session talking about CDMs. We heard many countries speak about what direction they thought the CDMs should go to. After listening to them and struggling to translate all the acronyms I got a pretty good understanding of what each country wanted to happen. Many of the African countries want there to be more projects. The United Republic of Tanzania claimed there were only 7 projects. Senegal wanted to see a more fair distribution of the projects. Senegal also brought up to the point the fact that many of the projects were not up to par in sustainable development and that there should be an effort for more sustainable development. The majority of the countries that spoke agreed with one another that there needed to be more "transparent methodology" within the CDMs.

After this Plenary session we did the now semi-routine process of computer/email, meeting, and lunch (The food tends to be a little repetitive when you have the same choices every day). After lunch there was a session on Climate Change observed from space and what they are doing to improve it. They are able to look at the Oceanic, Atmospheric, and Terrestial effects from Climate Change from satellites which look upon the earth from space. The methods and models used to predict Climate Change were also presented. Although these topics of the presentation were interesting, much of it was extremely technical and I had trouble keeping up. It is nice to know that this information is out there.

Today, our "tourist"" activity of the day was going to see the Arch cathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul. This Church was originally built in the second half of the 10Th century and was named a cathedral in 968. Some of the original building can still be visible in the basement. When we first arrived at the cathedral we were spoken to by a worker of the church who asked if we spoke polish, after saying no he asked about Spanish, since some of us knew enough we decided to communicate in Spanish. He then told us the church was closing. However, he let us explore a little while exiting the other side of the church. I would not be able to ever describe the beauty of the cathedral, pictures barely do justice. I had never seen something so beautiful and powerful as this cathedral. It even had the tombs of St. Peter and St. Paul. I would love to have had more time to explore the cathedral but I understand that it had to close, after lasting partially for over 1000 years, I am sure it will be there tomorrow.

I am off now to a side event about the indigenous peoples adaptation to Climate Change, I am anticipating this event since I have taken a special interest in the process of adaption to Climate Change. Shoutout to Kimble!

Until later!


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