Monday, December 1, 2008

Ithaca at Poznan

Today is the first day of the 2008 UN Climate Change Conference. Students, Astrid and I all attended the opening plenary session along with at least 3,000 other delegates and observers. We then split up to attend various sessions, visit exhibition booths and familarize ourselves with the conference location. Tonight there is an opening reception from the government of Poland that we all will attend.

We spent Saturday night and Sunday becoming familiar with Poznan, how to take public transportation (a bus then a tram) to the conference, and we walked around the Stary Rynek district of Poznan till late Saturday night meeting some Polish locals and listening to a variety of music in different locations. A lot of American music was the norm. One of the students had to tell me I was listening to Nirvana, while I did recognize the disco sound coming out of another newly opened establishment that was called "Fever." However, I do not think that is a native Polish word.

I am looking forward to some interesting sessions tomorrow especially one on carbon capture and storage and on emissions trading. I am sure you would find it interesting if you were here as well. Each student is picking out there own favorite events to attend. We plan to meet at least once a day to touch base with each other and we have a group dinner planned on Thursday at a local restaurant.

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