Monday, December 1, 2008

Dzien dobry!

Today's the first day of the conference and although I couldn't be more tired I am already having an incredible experience! The first interaction we had came from the WWF (which is no longer the World Wildlife Foundation but actually the World Wide Fund for Nature- who knew?) group, who was pushing to "crack the nut"of climate change right outside the conference's front doors. An interesting analogy.. glad to see activism right from the get-go. I can't wait to hit up all the information tables and get some nice new reading material, but unfortunately it's too early and most of them haven't set up yet. I did manage to grab BirdLife International's Position on Climate Change pamphlet- should be interesting; I'm way into finding out about climate change's effects on wildlife . Maybe it's the art major in me but I think my favorite part of the conference thus far (aside from pamphlets) is the art installation GreenPeace organized. If you're lucky enough to be here make sure you check it out. The kids that produced the [amazing and climate-inspired] art span from 11-15 years old! Madness.

Contrary to popular belief Poland does have some good vegetarian options- just look for Wegetariańskie!

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