Monday, December 1, 2008


It is currently the middle of the day during the official opening day to the conference. The opening plenary session made the day official with the remarks of COP presidents, Prime ministers of Poland and Denmark, and a Nobel Prize winner. These opening remarks, although broad, were spoken with confidence and hope for the next two weeks. Before we all left, a video was shown by Poland which was quick and effective. The video highlighted some of the wildlife in and around Poland which would be changed by Climate Change. The video was quick, loud, and had wonderful pictures that I am sure made many people, as well as myself, feel empathy for Polish wildlife.

After the opening sessions and having some very questionable turkey from the restaurant, many of us went to the U.S. press briefing. Many of the questions focused around President elect Barack Obama and his policy views compared to Bush's. The Representatives answered each question well, which was useful to them since the press had to been focusing on the U.S. more than any country I have observed.

When wondering around after the press briefing, some of us stopped at the World Wildlife Federation to learn about what they are doing. They currently have a project where they are taking photos of everyone they can with a "Green Finger" and reason they want to save the Climate. One of us even took supplies to run their own "Green Finger"Campaign at Ithaca.

The conference has gone really well so far and I am anticipating the rest of this week greatly. Poznan so far has been a great city and adds to the beauty of this trip, I will be sad to go back home to schoolwork and finals.

- Jordan

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