Friday, December 5, 2008

Cheers Poland!

This conference has been amazing. I know I keep talking about how insane of an experience this is but I continue to be astounded by it! It is not really what I expected, but that could be because I had no idea what to expect. It has proven to be a great place for tons of resources. I feel like I have learned a lot and expanded my knowledge on so many different topics. I am way more interested in adaptation than I was before and think I might even want to do work in that sort of spectrum. At least in a way that gives communities and indigenous people rights and control of their land. Greenpeace is another organization that I am interested in and would love to maybe work for in the future. There are so many options and so much going on with environmental work. Although this conference seems to be pretty slow with progress towards making decisions, it's great to see that at least something is being done. Going to the side event held by the UNFCCC today on inter-generational inquiry on climate solutions made me realize how local level change and movement might just be the way to go. The policy side seems so boring and negative to me at this point seeing as though every time I hear anyone talk about change it seems to be so far in the future. It seems like an immediate problem to me and its bothersome that there aren't more delegates from Annex 1 countries that feel that something needs to happen now and happen fast.

I wish I had more time to be in Poland and explore Europe, but this will just have to be a taste of what's more to come! I am so happy I got to be here and experience this with everyone. Being here another week would be great, but I guess finals are calling... eww.

peace and love,

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