Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dobry wieczor! (good evening or afternoon back in the States)

Today is the second day of the conference and so far it has been an unbelievable experience. Being around so many people, all different from one another, from so many different parts of the world all together working for the same purpose still blows my mind.
Yesterday, I got to attend a few side events which were very interesting. The first one was a CDM question and answer session where the executive board got bombarded with all different types of questions and had to come up with answers on the spot. Some who opposed them and others who wanted to know more. The second session I attended wasn't as interesting. Some of the speakers really didn't seem to confident in what they were talking about and couldnt answer some of the questions given to them.
Last night was incredible. We all went to the opening reception where almost everyone attending the conference was at. I was one of the first persons that walked in to the room and I felt like a king. Both sides were lined with servers with plates of wine and appetizers. There were also entrees and a string quartet and even a pyramid of wine. We got to talk to a few delegates from Western Africa that were from a country Ive never even heard of. After the reception we went to a bar close by with a few people from the group and representative delegates from Barbados and St. Vincent. Both were amazing to listen to. To hear their views on climate change, their views on the U.S.'s stance and even their reaction to our new President elect. As we were talking to them the U.S.representative himself, Harlan Watson, walked into the bar. Since the place was pretty empty we all had a chance to talk to him and even get a picture.
Today I got to attend a side event done by the IPCC which dicussed mitigation policies and different options to approach it. I really thought it was very effective because they gave a lot of benefits associated with the options and this could really help influence quicker action in pursuing them. I also attended an event on biodiversity. One speaker seemed very knowledgable but the other kind of bored me.
I just got back from dinner in Old Towne. A couple people from the group and I went to a restaurant called Sphinx which was delicious. Not sure what the group will be doing later, a few are still in a session so well figure out some plans when they get out.
Eveything else is great. The food isnt too bad. We get to ride the buses and trams around which really makes you feel part of the city. I am looking forward to checking out some of the tourist sites here in Poznan, I wouldn't mind missing a session or two to get around to seeing and learning more about Poland and Poznan. But I gotta run, I think the group just got out of the last session.

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