Sunday, November 30, 2008

Arrival in Poznan

We finally got to Poznan last night after almost 20 hours of traveling. Today, we registered and got our badges at the conference center which huge. Right now, there aren't to many people here but I expect it to pick up once all the sessions get going. Poznan is a beautiful city so far from what I have seen and I am looking forward to checking out more.
-Matt Gordon


It was really easy getting registered here at the convention. We are about to go to a Youth organziation event and then spend the rest of the day walking around and seeing the town, i.e. the sights, food, and bars. Luckily we were able to sleep most of yesterday so the Jetlag is not that bad. Looking forward for to the real start of the events on monday.


We're Here!

We finally arrived in Poznan ysterday after a 9 hour flight from JFk to Warsaw and a 6 hour bus ride from Warsaw to our houses in Poznan. We were tired, but found the energy to explore the town. Old town is a lot of neat and will be fun to explore further. Today we visited the COP 14 center. We registered, got photo IDs and free gifts! Right now we are headed to the youth conference where youth organizations will organize all of us and educate us on whats happening with the youth throughout the conference. Monday is the official start of the conference so theres much more to come!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We're going to Poznan!