Sunday, December 7, 2008

Back at IC

After a good 24 hours of traveling and 3 hours of sleep since yesterday at 6pm(east coast time), I am back at IC and catching up to everyone else. Although I have more work then I could imagine and have missed a very important deadline, there is nothing that could convince me that going to Poland was a bad decision.

The last few days of the conference were, in my opinion, the best. I was able to go to a variety of side events and enjoyed them more because I had found what I am truly interested in. The adaptation side events quickly became my favorite. The information about what different smaller countries were doing to adapt was most intriguing to me, especially the stories of indigenous people.

What I also enjoyed was the World Business Council for Sustainable Development side event. The side event was run by George Weyerhaeuser, who is a familiar figure with me since the Weyerhaeuser company is from the northwest. The WBCSD had many good points about how the business sector should be involved in the 2012 decisions because they have methods that may help and they contribute to GHG emissions greatly.

I miss the conference and Poland very much, and I am sad to be back and be required to get back to my school work.

Copenhagen 2009!


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